Collaboration between INT and NTIC

On February 21, 2024, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute for Dutch Language (INT). The collaboration focuses on expanding a lexical data infrastructure for Papiamento.

As the executing body of the language policy ‘Op weg naar Multilinguale Co-existentie,’ we are responsible for the standardization, corpora, and lexicography of Papiamentu. The INT, located in Leiden, Netherlands, is responsible for the digital language infrastructure for the entire Dutch-speaking area. Together, we will work on the development of Papiamentu, including:

  1. Digitization of lexical data in Papiamentu, creating a digital infrastructure for the development of digital dictionaries.
  2. Integration of the Papiamentu infrastructure with the existing infrastructure and language data of the INT, providing researchers and users access to a broader range of language resources. Papiamentu researchers can expand their knowledge and expertise by utilizing existing software developed by the INT.

Both institutes will share knowledge about the development of lexical digital databases, with specific attention to projects within the Papiamentu speaking community, such as the work of the standardization committee. Additionally, there will be education and professionalization for NTIC staff involved in the development and management of the language infrastructure.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in strengthening the language infrastructure of Papiamentu. The standardization committee will be able to utilize this database in ABC format.